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Nico is 14 and as social as they come. Currently, he plays football, basketball, baseball and does track. If you blink, you might miss him. He is always on the go. If he isn’t a lawyer with the arguing and negotiating skills he possesses, it will be wasted skills. I am blessed that Nico loves to talk as much as he does since even as a teen, he still talks to me and seeks my advice. I know those days are numbered so I’ll enjoy them while they last. He never lets the hand he was dealt determine how he will be defined. I am continually amazed by his stregth.
Tommy is a 10 year old Jack of all trades and trying to master them all. Not to be outdone by his older brother, he plays football, basketball and baseball as well. Tommy doesn’t know the meaning of doing anything half-way. He loves to be the center of attention and has been known to bust out in song or dance at any given moment. He is a self-proclaimed, “ladies man” and has an old soul. He is a fighter through and through and won’t let anything, not even CF, stop him from doing what he loves to do. A lot of time he is my comic relief and he is my child that is most like Leo.
Isabella “Belle” is a 10 year old girly girl. She loves cheerleading and dance and is the best “Mommy’s helper” there is. She has big dreams of being a song writer, baker, scientist (wanting to cure CF), artist. If she wanted to be an actress, I think she’d be great since she seems to be able to cry on demand. No one will ever be as hard on Belle as she is on herself. She is a perfectionist to a fault and can go from 0-60 faster than a race car. When you first meet Belle, she comes off as shy but it only takes about five minutes before she is her outgoing self. She is so special and I plan on spending a lifetime making sure she knows it.
Gia is a 2 year old bundle of love. She is spunky and even at this young age, loves to make people laugh. She makes me laugh every single day. She is headstrong (hates to eat and sleep) and sweet (tells me all the time, “I love you, Mommy”) and is a Mommy’s Girl through and through. She loves to dance, the Disney Princesses, and playing with Belle. Her needs are simple: Mickey Mouse on the television, Pirate Booty and ALL of my attention. She literally healed my broken heart and is the epitome of a miracle.

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