One of My Rainbows

They often say that God puts people in our path and after knowing my blogging buddy, Chris Carter or The Mom Café, I couldn’t agree more. She has come to be one of the most important people in my life. She is a strong shoulder to cry on or laugh with and I hope I am the same for her. She manages to not only be the calm in a lot of my storms but also one of my rainbows and I feel immensely blessed that our paths crossed.

When I read the whole Sunshine After the Storm book, I wanted to ask someone to do a review but this is such a hard book to do that with. How do you say to the person, “Here, this is going to make you cry and tug at your heart and give you that feeling that stays with you all day”?

When I asked Chris, she didn’t even hesitate. She was about to have what I think became the toughest week of her life and she STILL wrote a review for me. Please, please go over there and read her words. She does our book so much justice. Click here to see it.

Thank you , Chris. From the bottom of my heart.
The Mom Cafe

The Mom Cafe


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The Mommy Mess and Her Meltdown

Thank goodness for bloggy friends. I have more material than ever to write posts on but they are all unorganized in my head. I need to set aside time to put it all down. And even then, I might not be able to post some of it. Some of it is sappy (spending time with friends at a football banquet feeling like you’ve known them forever). Some of it is poking fun at dear, old Leo (did you see the blurb in the previous post?). I have a few rants that need venting. I have a few grateful posts. So it is really good that while I get my thoughts together so I am not just spewing stuff at you all, one of my very first bloggy friend, Adrienne of The Mommy Mess, agreed to do a review of The Mother of All Meltdowns. What I like best about her review is that she describes her own meltdown and how any one of us could have been the writer of it. Adrienne is like the homeschooling version of myself. The way she talks about homeschooling, though I don’t think I could do it, makes me wish that I had the calling to do it. She writes from her heart and tells it like it is. She is someone who I can count on and I do often. Whether it is to pray with me, cheer me up, encourage me or just tell me she can relate, Adrienne is never a blog post or and email away. Please click here to head over to her place and see what she thought of the book and you’ll want to stick around. I promise you.

The Mommy Mess

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How Fitting: Meltdown Review

It is so fitting that today, the day that my good friend, Shell from Things I Can’t Say is reviewing our book The Mother of All Meltdowns, was another meltdown for the books. Before I get to today’s meltdown, let me tell you about Shell. She is one of the reasons I am still blogging. She helped me grow my blog and has helped me more than once when I’ve had difficulties. When people talk about connecting through blogging, they are talking about writers like Shell. I am so blessed that I met her and can count her among one of my real life blogging friends. She one of the sweetest writers I know and her blog is one of my favorites. She is the mom of three beautiful boys and she and I often commiserate on Saturday morning soccer or football games. Meeting her at BlogHer was one of the highlights. Sometimes you wonder if bloggers are really as sweet, funny and down to earth as they seem and she was all three and then some. I asked Shell if she would review The Mother of All Meltdowns and she not only said yes but she wrote a great post to go with it. Please show Shell some love by visiting her site to read the review. Click here. While you are there, check out some of her other posts. You will not be sorry.

As for my meltdown today, let me just say: Nico can’t find shoes, backpack and sweatshirt and that’s my fault. Somehow I was supposed to know that I had to sign something for school and go in his backpack and get it. He got frustrated and knocked down a fish tank full of rocks…gravel rocks.

Tommy has to go and sell coupon books at Stratford for a fundraiser for baseball (if you are there between 4 and 6, go to Carson’s and you’ll see him and grab a coupon book, too…good deals). He managed to get all of his baseball stuff but got on the bus and realized that he forgot the coupon books.

I argued with Leo for a bit about helping me out and he kindly brought them to Tommy’s school. Or at least I thought he did. I got a call from the elementary school that Tommy went to LAST year. Yep. Leo dropped off the books there. Tommy, by the way, is in middle school this year. I’m headed there and then need to drop them off.

Nico and Tommy decided to clean their room. I now have two overstuffed laundry baskets full of every piece of clothing they own. You know, because I have nothing to do all day long.

Belle is still complaining because she had a bad reaction to the flu shot (I think this might be the last time I have her get one).

So make my day and go over to Shell’s and leave her some comment love. :)

Shell and me.

Shell and me.

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A Meltdown in the Making

This is so fitting that today would be the day that all of this happened. I had a special treat lined up for you all.

One of my blogging friends that has supported me from the beginning is Meredith over at The Mom of the Year. I have looked up to her as a writer because she is seriously hysterical. She, herself, is in the very funny, I Just Want to Pee Alone. I look up to her as a mom because she is a great one. She tells it like it is and has us laughing our @sses off. She’s one of the friends I see myself sitting by a pool drinking margaritas with at some point. Today, Meredith did me the honor of reviewing The Mother of All Meltdowns. To read her fabulous review click the button below:

The Mom of the Year
See, this post was supposed to be in your inboxes this morning at 7. Why wasn’t it, you ask? Because while I was in the middle of writing it, my internet went down. And did it save the post? No, it did not. I finally got my internet back at around 3:00. After the minor meltdown over the lost post, something meltdown worthy happened to drag me away from rewriting the post: a creepy stranger came to my door. He looked shady so I grabbed Gia and hid in the kitchen but not before I saw him crouch down and look in my house from under the Halloween decal on my door. I thought it was someone putting their advertisement on my door but when I checked, nothing was there. Around 4:15, my one neighbor called and asked if a strange guy came to my door. Apparently, he went to her house, her son said she was busy and couldn’t go to the door and he said, “Well, tell them the power is going to be out for a few days.” He wasn’t in any sort of uniform. It had me a little freaked out. The other neighbor and I called 911 and reported it because it all felt wrong.
The police came and did a drive-thru but what the heck?? Either way it’s not good. It’s either some strange guy looking in people’s houses or my power is going to be out a few days.
Oh, and we need a new furnace…like I only have heat once in a while and not at night. Lucky for me, I called Tom from Chris Mechanical Services and he came out and checked it and temporarily fixed the problem or at least made it so that the heat clicks on faster than it was when it turned off. He even came back in to deal with something that I am not sure but think was semi-related and sounded dangerous. I went out and got a new carbon monoxide detector and cleaned in case I had to call the fire department. Wouldn’t want them to see that I am a Target bag away from a Hoarders episode. If you are local and looking for someone to come out and check your furnace, I highly recommend them.
Anyway before I turn this into a full-fledged meltdown, go read Meredith’s review over at The Mom of the Year. It was the highlight of my day!


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Five Things

I know that lately it seems like I am always on the move but I swear this time it is my blog’s fault. I want to do a picture post of Homecoming weekend but I can’t get pictures to post. This is why I never update anything. Just when I think I figure it out and even feel like I know what I am doing most of the time, they go and change it. I cringe every time I press the “update” button.

Anyway, since I can’t do the picture post until I figure it out, I am going to direct you to a post I did on our book’s website.

Five Things That Cause Meltdowns

I’m pretty proud of it because:

1. It’s a post of several rants all wrapped up in one.

2. It’s one of my shorter ones.

3. I managed to keep it to 5 because if you know me, and you’ve witnessed or read about my meltdowns, you know I could have come up with a lot more. :)

Come take a look. I guarantee you’ll be able to relate.

To purchase The Mother of All Meltdowns, you can click on the sidebar and it will take you right to Amazon. If you’ve read it, we’d love it if you’d review it.

If you’ve read it and would like to do a guest post/review on here, please email me. I’d love to have you!

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I Must Confess

Did you ever have moments when so much cluttered your brain that it made even the simplest tasks difficult? Like you couldn’t do anything until you called a trusted friend and vented to them about all that was on your nerves? That happens to me from time to time and luckily, it came at a time when Shell over at Things I Can’t Say asked me to guest post over at her place. I owe a lot to Shell. Besides teaching me much about what I know about blogging through a class she taught, she has become a great bloggy friend and after this summer a great IRL friend. If you haven’t checked out her blog, you are really missing out and now today is your chance!

I’m over at Things They Can’t Say with a few snippets of things I can’t really say here. I’d love it if you came over there and left a comment. While you are there, look around. You won’t be sorry.

I won’t give too much away but difficult family and friend relationships, Leo and ways I feel less inadequate are discussed. Click here to see.

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This is 43

Last year, if you remember, was not the best of birthdays. After analyzing it, I figured out why I haven’t liked my birthday. This year, I feel completely different about it. I’m not sure why. Maybe I have finally grown up and realize that there are bigger problems in the world than not liking your birthday.

I just realized that I haven’t done a follow-up post on how I spent my birthday. My sister, Chrissy watched Gia and I met Leo for lunch. I went to my mom’s for dinner and thanks to Leo and two friends, I now have more money than I know what to do with to spend at Barnes and Noble. And thanks to another friend for the book that I can’t wait to read. I could possibly be the easiest person to buy a gift for. I take back what I said about Vegas not being a good gift. It was exactly what I needed so Leo did very well this year. :)

This year, I got another gift. It was the gift of turning 43. I’m over at my very good friend, Ilene’s at The Fierce Diva Guide to Life talking about what that means. It’s a very “glass half-full” post about what 43 looks like.

Click here and be ready to meet Ilene. I’m not exactly sure when she and I met because it feels like we have been friends forever. Her words draw you in and make you want to grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and read, read, read. You can’t help but love her spunk, her wisdom and her determination to be the best person she can be. She inspires me every time I read her blog.

I’d love it if you’d visit me there and leave a comment to show Ilene that I really do have the best readers out there. While you are there, take a peek around. I guarantee you won’t be sorry. :)

Thanks for having me, Ilene!

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Mom of the Year

Okay, those of you that are regular readers, stop laughing. I know it is a stretch but stay with me for a minute.

Still letting Gia fall asleep in my bed or with me in hers.

Letting all of my kids stay up way later than they should.

Not being as vigilant as I once was about what the kids watch on TV.

Cookies for breakfast.

Coke not only on special occasions.

Causing my daughter to cry whenever we start talking about giving more thought to how she behaves in front of boys or how to eat healthier.

Getting angry when the twins call me from the nurse’s office to go get them (only because they are frequent fliers).

Pulling clean clothes out of the laundry basket because I am too lazy to fold them and put them away and I’ll admit to once accidentally pulling clothes that I thought were from the clean basket but were actually from a dirty basket (maybe it was twice…fine it was three times…don’t judge).

Not checking what Tommy or Belle are wearing before they leave for school and being shocked when they come home, realizing that either they don’t match (Tommy) or they have worn an outfit that was less than flattering (Belle). And yes, our mornings are that busy.

Telling Nico when he was 5 and first asked me about sex that it’s when a man and a woman hug really, really tightly. When I saw the wheels turning in his head and he asked me if I “did sex” with one of Leo’s friends because he hugs really tight, I threw in something about God and realized I needed to be better. (I still cringe at that one and quickly became a mom that if you asked me a question, you got the truth or at least an age-appropriate version of the truth).

All of these are reasons why I am NOT “The Mom of the Year” (along with so many more that I could list). When my dear friend, Meredith over at  The Mom of the Year asked me to write about a time I was or was not, I was truly flattered. I decided to step out of the box and do something different. Come on over to her place and see what and then leave a comment there.

You will love Meredith’s blog she is hilarious and down to earth and someone I hope to someday be sitting across the table (or at a pool) with a frosty drink chatting about the trials joys of parenting. Hers is one of the blogs that I like to start my morning with and I consider her one of my real, true friends that I have made while blogging. I know she’ll always have my back and I’ll always have hers.

So, I hope to see you over at her place so you can see me do something I don’t do often.


The Mom of the Year


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A Little Positivity and Blog Issues

Something has been going on with Feedburner, the service that I use for email subscriptions. Sometimes it sends out my post at a different time than I have set or sometimes not at all. I think there was some buzz about it going away and since it is all I know, even if it’s not working correctly, that sends me into a small panic. You know the thought of having to change things or learn something new.

Are you wondering what the positivity in the title is referring to? The worst part of Feedburner acting up is that some of you, especially the followers not on Facebook or Twitter might have missed this wonderful post by my friend, Chris Carter at The Mom Cafe that I posted yesterday. Since I saved it in my drafts folder back in February, it posted it under February even though it was yesterday’s post. She came up with a way to ease our guilt when we are having one of “those” days. If you missed it, you can find it HERE. Please take a minute to check it out. It’s great advice that is east to implement. I’ve already started it and it works!

I have a question for you: When I look at my header (title of the blog), it doesn’t look right. How are you seeing it? I’ve checked with a few friends (okay, just two) and they are seeing it fine. I just want to make sure everyone is seeing it like they are and not like I am. This is how I see it:

See how there is only half shown and the shadows of Leo and the kids are only their heads?

See how there is only half shown and the shadows of Leo and the kids are only their heads?


While we are on the subject of blog issues, if you feel so inclined and you like what you read here, if you could click on The Best Mom Blogs in the sidebar, it would put me back on the map (I seem to have fallen off). I’m thinking of taking my blog off of there but thought I’d give it a go first.


As always, I just want you all to know that I appreciate that it has been two years and you all are still reading. It warms my heart and really, is better than spending thousands of dollars on therapy. :) Just wanted to say thank you!

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A Little Positivity

When I posted things I need to work on, asking for guest bloggers was one of them and my dear friend, Chris Carter from The Mom Cafe quickly sent me one that she thought would be perfect and she was right. So often I get down on myself for having one of “those days,” days where all I did was yell or command or criticize and on those nights, I look at my sleeping children and wonder how the next day will be different. Well, Chris has a great solution to at least ease the “Mommy guilt” that we all sometimes feel.

Please welcome her and leave her a comment showing her that I have the best bunch of readers there is and then head over to her spot and check her out. You won’t be disappointed. She is a mom that tells it like it is and is uplifting to boot. She has some hilarious stories about her kiddos and writes from the heart. Thanks, Chris for stopping by!


Picture by Chris Carter

Picture by Chris Carter


For every 1 do 3…


Have you ever heard of the 3 to 1 rule?  For every one negative comment you say to a child, you should have three positive things to say.

I like that, and I really should do that more often.  I tend to dwell on the negative comment over and over again…and forget I need to greet that with something wonderful and pleasant times three.  I used to be so good at this as a therapist and a teacher…but as a mom?  I seem to forget this golden rule of parenting.


I keep thinking about my thought life and sometimes it is filled with negative statements and critical judgments…  What if I applied this to me?


For every time I think of something that is far from positive, I slam it with three things that are far from negative?  What if I focus on being aware of all those self-defeating thoughts and combat them with three fighting compliments?  What if when I raise a brow to the nature of all that is wrong…I enlightened my murky mind with three things that are right.  What if when I look at a person in judgment, I also see three reasons to give grace?  Perhaps where I spit out the darkness, can I redeem it with light?  When I twist around the fire in my mind, can I douse it with Holy Water?  Would it be so difficult to find the blessings all around me, instead of all the curses? That my friends, is the challenge I am about to embark on…


Would you care to join me?


I am aware of all my mind chatter, and I am not proud of the things I say.  I am convicted to change for the better.  I want to transform my thinking and conquer the battles of anger, judgment and impatience.  For what comes from within, surely flows right back out.   And I need to be more aware of those muddy waters flowing through my heart and pouring through my thoughts.  I can’t linger on in this brutal disposition.  Instead, I will transform my thinking to inspire all that is good and worthy of praise. 


Would you do 3:1 with me?  Each and every day, may we try to be aware of our thought life…and intertwine each misaligned, negative impulse with all that is good. 


3 to 1.


That doesn’t sound so hard, does it? I’m going to try this today. Head on over to The Mom Cafe or check her out on Facebook and Twitter @themomcafe. She brings humor and heart to every blog post she writes and brings light to every blog she visits. She is one of the most loyal, sweetest bloggers out there so be kind and give her some comment love here.

Thanks again, Chris!

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