5 Things I’m Loving, 5 Things I’m Hating

In an effort to be more positive (God, help me…I’m trying), I am going to start off this post with five things I’m loving at the moment.

1. I finally got a new phone thanks to my sister, Chrissy and my brother-in-law, Ricky. I FINALLY have an iPhone. My piece of poop Pantech Burst was the most frustrating phone I have ever had. I would choose not to have a smart phone over having that phone again.

2. I am loving that Gia is completely obsessed with the app, My Tom (some cat game) and it is only on Leo’s phone (on purpose). The thing I love most is that you have to feed the cat throughout the day so it doesn’t die and Leo does it while he is at work so that Gia’s little heart isn’t crushed. She has him totally wrapped around her little finger.

3. The TV show, Modern Family. Why have I not ever watched this? I’m catching it on USA right after Law and Order: SVU and I am laughing out loud. Gloria, Jay and Manny seriously crack me up and Mitchell with his dry sense of humor…I am loving this show.

4. THAT TOMMY IS BETTER!!!!! For those that are not on Facebook, this is what his foot looked like on Monday:

Doesn't it look like a latex glove blown up?

Doesn’t it look like a latex glove blown up?

5. My sister, Gina and my brother-in-law, Deo. I need to give these guys a special shout out. I needed to get away this past weekend and they invited my girls and I (the boys all had practice or games) up to Chicago with them. It was exactly what I needed. The margarita at dinner didn’t hurt, either. Sometimes when you are in the middle of a feeling like you are in quicksand, someone comes and offers you a branch. That’s what they did. Being with my nieces and my nephew reminded me of what true, unconditional love feels like. No, “I hate you!” “You’re mean!” or “Your rules are so dumb!” Just “I love you, Auntie ReeRee. I’m so glad you are here.” Gia got to play with some girls (Grace and Gabriella, God love them for watching her as much as they did) and Belle got to be with people that truly love her for who she is.


Things I am hating right now:

I know hate is a strong word but I have some pretty strong feelings for these things.

1. High School. I don’t remember hating it this much when I was in it so I’m a little surprised by how much I am hating it right now. I hate the amount of work he has. I hate how tired he is all the time.  To say it is different than when I went is a huge understatement. Maybe that is why I am hating it. Where are the groups going to movies or bowling or miniature golfing or even out to eat? I thought competitive sports was ruining our family life. Well, high school sports have completely blown the family life out of the water.

2. Enabling the “Me, Me, Me” Generation. I hate that I am a huge enabler of the lifestyle I am not liking. They need a ride somewhere, I take them. They want to play a sport or do an activity and I will go into debt to help them do it. How can I squash their passions (especially at 4 years old, right?)? They want the new iPods so their grandparents get them for them. They want for nothing and what does that teach them? I need to find away to teach them that instant gratification isn’t the best way to live. It will be the cause of so much disappointment in the real world.

3. Middle School. I hate middle school more than I hate high school. I don’t really remember liking middle school all that much when I was in it. It’s an awkward stage for everyone. Insecurities run rampant and manifest in so many different ways. Some kids withdraw, some kids become silly or socially awkward and some become mean. Bodies are changing and kids this age don’t want to look different. Other kids take that opportunity to tear kids down. It seems no one escapes unscathed. Friendships are tested and they change and hearts are broken and the tears, my God, the tears.

middle school

4. Doctors appointments. No offense, Margie. We love you and Dr. A. I think for a few weeks we’ve had one or two a week. My mind is swirling with the worry about each appointment. I feel like I either have a kid that I think is fine that they are telling me something is wrong or I have a kid that something is wrong but we can’t figure out what. Nothing sends your world reeling like a health crisis.

5. I saved this one for last since you all are probably sick of hearing it. I am hating all of the broken things in this house. Our garage is so annoying. It goes up when it wants to and down when it wants to and of course when I am in a hurry, that is when it decides to not go up or down. Our refrigerator water dispenser is broken. The ice maker is broken. There is a shelf we can’t use. It’s against a wall so it won’t open up all the way. We need a new one but it is the lowest on the priority list. There is a brick guy coming for our STILL half done patio. I don’t even care about that anymore except that it has been almost a year since someone ratted on us. And the very thing I hate the most is that for a year our furnace has been broken. A YEAR! I finally take the bull by its horns and call someone. I get a quote and tell Leo because I have had it. We need it and we need it now. What does he do? He decides he is going to get “a few” quotes.” This is why I don’t call and get quotes or get people to come and fix things. Because once I do, he springs into action and I think, Why did I even bother? And of course he hates that I don’t care how much it costs, I just want it done now. It’s a vicious tug of war we’ve got going on here. That was three weeks ago. STILL have the old furnace. Still going downstairs to turn it on when it shuts off. I’m not going to lie. I’ve resorted to name-calling. I’m about to resort to crying and possibly throwing things. If they end up near his head, well, I’m sorry. My aim isn’t great (or is it?).


My hope is that by doing 5/5 it is a good balance so I don’t become the Depressing Queen of Chaos. I am also hoping that by getting all of this off my chest, it will clear my mind to be able to get back to writing regularly. I don’t know about you but I can’t seem to do much of anything when I have this much on my mind.

What about you? Tell me something you are loving and something you are hating a little bit.

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  1. OMG #2 on the hate list – yes, yes, yes!! When you figure this out, please write about it because I am creating two little monsters and I don’t know how to stop. My boys get everything they want and a ton of stuff they don’t need or want for more then 5 minutes. Maybe it’s b/c it’s Christmas but I feel like it’s totally out of control!
    I like that you started with the love list and I can especially relate to some angel extending the branch in the quicksand. Thank God for those people!!
    Allie recently posted..Running Video – Hill Repeats!My Profile

    • #2 has kept me up at night. I want it to change and just feel trapped by the whole things. Thanks for letting me know I am not alone in the raising of the next generation’s monsters. :)

  2. I have been pulled out of the quicksand by caring friends more than once in the past few weeks. Thank god for them. And enabling the “me” generation? It’s like a freight train that’s been derailed. It’s scary, this generation. Did our parents way that about us?
    Ilene recently posted..Modern Family: Jersey EditionMy Profile

    • I ask my mom this all the time and she just says, “It was so different”. It IS a freight train that’s been derailed. Thank God for them is right!

  3. Love your lists. I love Modern Family – makes me laugh every time. I also relate to hating high school, and middle school – and the “me” generation thing -don’t get me started, i just may never stop….
    Leah recently posted..Quote of the WeekMy Profile

  4. Modern Family is pretty fantastic. Thanks for reminding me to catch up on last night’s!
    And my iPhone came after a horrendous DROID. It’s never let me down.
    When Des was first released from the NICU, we had doctor appointment after doctor appointment. They all trailed away because nothing was ever wrong with him, but I remember that panicked feeling. These days he only goes for his well checkups and I’d prefer to keep it that way for a long time.
    Tamara recently posted..Honey, I Broke The Baby & My Mind.My Profile

    • That’s exactly it. I just want to go for check-ups once a year and that is not realistic. I’m happy to hear that your phone hasn’t let you down because I can’t handle another bad phone.

  5. Hear Hear on Modern Family!!!

    I dread Middle School, 4th grade in elementary school has not been the easiest but my kid puts up a tough front, tender hearted behind all that tough crap… that’s gonna get her in trouble… I have a feeling… ARGH. Me- I told (still do) it like it was & didn’t care if you did or didn’t like me… LOL
    Amber Day Hicks recently posted..Ladies only Blog Share Party!!! Crazy, busy, hectic, & stressful holidaysMy Profile

    • Yep. That’s how I am, too and my daughter, not so much. She’s learning but it has been a slow process. That’s funny about 4th grade. That’s was a rough year for Belle, too.

  6. I hate all the broken stuff in our house too. The garage door is finally fixed, but the washing machine is still broken and so is the oven. Not on the agenda to be fixed anytime soon, which annoys the heck out of me. I love that Leo feeds the cat on his phone during the day. That is just awesome.
    Michelle recently posted..Crazy Stressful Holidays, Ladies Only Blog Share Style!My Profile

    • That’s my favorite part of this post. I love the idea of him sitting in a big meeting and his phone going off that it is time to feed Tom the cat and he excuses himself to do it. I don’t know if that actually happens but in my mind, it does.

  7. Hey Leo- this comment’s for YOU bud! Get the DAMN FURNACE FIXED NOW!!!

    DUDE! It’s not that hard to find a good furnace guy… if you don’t know anyone, ask around or just trust that it simply needs to BE. DONE. Give the girl a bone! And watch out for flying objects. They may or may not be aiming at your head.

    Just sayin’.

    Chris Carter recently posted..Mother Of All Meltdowns: The PERFECT Gift!My Profile

  8. I’d like to keep my boys in elementary and preschool forever instead of having to deal with middle and high school.

    A margarita is always a help. ;)

    Glad Tommy is better!

    I’m loving our unseasonably warm weather. I’m hating that I have no clothes that fit me. I’m loving that my parents are visiting and have yet to drive me up a wall. I’m hating that when they leave, it will just be my complaining mil and my immature bil around as close family.
    Shell recently posted..Review Extravaganza: Week 1My Profile

    • I wish we had unseasonably warm weather. It would make the furnace issue go away for the moment. That made me laugh about your parents and I feel for you on the other stuff.

  9. Amen to your hate list. What does it say about me that I prefer that list? Probably nothing good. I am SO SICK of things being broken I cannot even take it anymore. UGH. The worst. And the sense of entitlement my children have makes me want to scream.-Ashley

    • It says that you are as fed up as I am which makes me at least feel better that I am not alone. What does it say about me that the hate list was easier to write?

  10. I’m with you on the house thing. We moved into the house where my husband grew up over 3 years ago. It was built in the 70s and is ver “solid,” but as far as decor goes, it hasn’t had a lot of updating. We still have wood paneling all over, our master bathroom is falling apart, and I HATE the floor plan. When I agreed to move in (because is has so much space regardless of the layout and his parents gave us a deal) he promised that we would do renovations. Three years later, there is still not enough money or time. :-(
    Lisa @ The Golden Spoons recently posted..When Memories Come Full CircleMy Profile

    • I would love to renovate. I hate the layout of this house, too. It’s impossible to move furniture and I get bored easily which makes that a problem. You are so right-never enough time or money.

  11. So, so much I can relate too–broken things are making me scream around here too, namely. But I’m really glad Tommy’s foot is better. And here’s hoping way more of the things you love can come your way!
    Meredith recently posted..The Christmas WinMy Profile

  12. Love the honesty in this post! My oldest is only four but I swore that he wouldn’t be in too many activities or otherwise I would go crazy!

    Right now I’m hating that my nine-month-old isn’t sleeping and instead of babbling in bed (even though he’s not supposed to be awake for another HOUR!).

    And I am loving, weirdly, my work, or how I cranked out a project in under three hours and managed to impress my boss with the end result somehow.
    Nina recently posted..The top 10 gifts your friends and family will adoreMy Profile

  13. Bleck! Middle school sucks. Period. I’d say 5/5 is a good balance. ;)
    Adrienne recently posted..Google™ Nexus 7 Tablet Review and Giveaway!My Profile

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