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It is so fitting that today, the day that my good friend, Shell from Things I Can’t Say is reviewing our book The Mother of All Meltdowns, was another meltdown for the books. Before I get to today’s meltdown, let me tell you about Shell. She is one of the reasons I am still blogging. She helped me grow my blog and has helped me more than once when I’ve had difficulties. When people talk about connecting through blogging, they are talking about writers like Shell. I am so blessed that I met her and can count her among one of my real life blogging friends. She one of the sweetest writers I know and her blog is one of my favorites. She is the mom of three beautiful boys and she and I often commiserate on Saturday morning soccer or football games. Meeting her at BlogHer was one of the highlights. Sometimes you wonder if bloggers are really as sweet, funny and down to earth as they seem and she was all three and then some. I asked Shell if she would review The Mother of All Meltdowns and she not only said yes but she wrote a great post to go with it. Please show Shell some love by visiting her site to read the review. Click here. While you are there, check out some of her other posts. You will not be sorry.

As for my meltdown today, let me just say: Nico can’t find shoes, backpack and sweatshirt and that’s my fault. Somehow I was supposed to know that I had to sign something for school and go in his backpack and get it. He got frustrated and knocked down a fish tank full of rocks…gravel rocks.

Tommy has to go and sell coupon books at Stratford for a fundraiser for baseball (if you are there between 4 and 6, go to Carson’s and you’ll see him and grab a coupon book, too…good deals). He managed to get all of his baseball stuff but got on the bus and realized that he forgot the coupon books.

I argued with Leo for a bit about helping me out and he kindly brought them to Tommy’s school. Or at least I thought he did. I got a call from the elementary school that Tommy went to LAST year. Yep. Leo dropped off the books there. Tommy, by the way, is in middle school this year. I’m headed there and then need to drop them off.

Nico and Tommy decided to clean their room. I now have two overstuffed laundry baskets full of every piece of clothing they own. You know, because I have nothing to do all day long.

Belle is still complaining because she had a bad reaction to the flu shot (I think this might be the last time I have her get one).

So make my day and go over to Shell’s and leave her some comment love. :)

Shell and me.

Shell and me.

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  1. Thanks so much for your sweet words!

    After I read your part of the book, I went digging back for when my boys did the same thing and the pics almost had me having a meltdown all over again!

    Why is it that kids think we should know where all their things are? It’s shoes for my kids- they can never find their shoes. Even though I fuss at them to put them in the basket by the door when they get home. But NOOOO.
    Shell recently posted..The Mother of All MeltdownsMy Profile

    • I felt the same way when I was writing it and reliving the meltdown.

      My kids are horrible with their shoes. How hard is it to take them off by the door and leave them there?

      Thanks again for doing the review!

  2. Oh my gosh! I can totally relate to this post. I was banging my head against the wall for you. You had me cracking up with Leo taking the books to the old school and not his new one. That’s classic!! I was looking forward to the day when my children will outgrow the melt downs. From the looks of things I think I’ll be waiting a bit longer. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day :) Take care. Miss you <3
    Erin recently posted..2 weeks + Fall Break = AWESOMEMy Profile

    • ERIN!!!!! It is so wonderful to “see” you! I miss you, too! I am sad to say that Nico is 15 and he still has meltdowns. And what is worse is bigger kids means bigger meltdowns.

  3. I kind of had one of those days too. Ugh. The Leo story about taking the books to the old school though…sadly, that is something I would probably do!
    Michelle recently posted..#AskAwayFriday with Ophelia from LatinaMamaRamaMy Profile

  4. Okay- first of all I can’t STOP laughing that Leo took the books to Tommy’s old school!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That is SOOOO SOMETHING DEREK WOULD DO!!! Oh too damn funny. I’m sure you were just loving having to get deal with that! OY!!!
    As for Shell and you- that picture- ohmy. I want to cry. I want to be in that hug more than anything… :( It’s just precious!!
    Chris Carter recently posted..Devotional Diary: From Pain To Prayerful PurposeMy Profile

    • I cannot wait until we get that picture of us hugging! And you are right…mopping up his mess was not fun. People at the old school asked me “What are you doing here? You don’t have a kid here.” I answered them with, “Someone might want to clue Leo in to that.”

  5. Headed over…
    but first. I am cracking up out loud that Leo took Tommy’s books to his last school. That is just a story, isn’t it?
    Shell sounds amazing. I wonder a lot too if we’re all as cool as we seem to be, and I generally think that we are! Ilene and Michelle were certainly all of that and more in person.
    Tamara recently posted..PinkWhen Jen and I!My Profile

  6. I…Am…DYING!!! Leo took the books to the old school?!?!?! Oh, LAWD!! I’m laughing but I know if that had happened after I had begged for help, laughing wouldn’t have been my first response.
    Bobby leaves EVERY BIT OF DIRTY CLOTHES IN HIS ROOM, then is incensed when nothing is clean. I mean…really? GAH!
    And forgetfulness…yes. THEY ARE SO FORGETFUL! (and it’s NEVER their fault, of course!)
    I’m so sorry Bella had a bad flu shot reaction. I know you all have probably always been really prompt in getting your flu shots these years. That’s got to be scary! –Lisa

    • Bobby and Nico sound like the same person which does not surprise me. I’m sure this time next week, I will be laughing at Leo and the old school but you’re right, I dropped a few curse words when I called to tell him what he did.
      I’m curious…when in our lives will it NOT be OUR fault?

  7. I loved Shell’s review! I sort of suck at book reviews, so please don’t compare. And I couldn’t agree more about Shell. I need to hug her (AND YOU) IRL! If 2014 isn’t my year for a conference, I just might die.

    The book was awesome and I’m not kidding that it was my best friend after a terrible week. I loved your story about Gia’s hair. That never happened to me, but I was sweating for you. Now, as far as this day you’re having now? GO back to bed. Fast.
    Adrienne recently posted..The Mother of All MeltdownsMy Profile

    • You do not suck at reviews! Yours was great. If I didn’t already have it or if I wasn’t in it and I read your review, I’d buy it. :)

      It does feel good to read the book after having a meltdown so that we know we aren’t alone.

      And 2014, we must meet in real life. HAVE TO!!


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