This Week is Winning

It’s only Tuesday and already this week is kicking my @ss. Let me just give you a glimpse of why this week is winning:

Leo’s gone: He left Sunday afternoon and is due back tonight. I don’t sleep when he isn’t here. I hear weird noises and I’m afraid I won’t hear the kids so even when I try to sleep, my mind races. Our heat still isn’t 100% working. It clicks off and doesn’t click back on without someone flicking the switch. I am thankful we have heat at all but it is so annoying when it clicks off in the middle of the night. I don’t like going into the basement during the day and like it even less in the middle of the night. I did treat myself (and the family) to Entrée Kitchen meals for this week so that is a silver lining.

No internet: I was in the middle of a blog post yesterday when my internet died. I spent the better part of the day trying to fix it. I was finally able to get on Facebook to post about it and someone replied that it was AT&T. There was an outage that wasn’t going to be fixed until midnight. I felt better knowing that it wasn’t my connection but a whole day…without the internet. I might be a tad addicted to it. Just a tad. I had several ideas for posts floating around and I was planning on catching up on the blogs I read. Without the internet, I was going to be forced to do laundry and put my house back together after the weekend chaos. Gia and I did get some cuddle time, watched Beauty and the Beast about 5 times, built 3 Lego towers, had 2 tea parties and exercised.

Sick kids: Well, only one but she puked and that’s like having 5 sick kids. I hate dealing with puke. I’d rather deal with anything else. Leo is the puke parent. He deals with that but since he’s gone (another reason to hate him being gone), I have to. I woke up at 4am (after finally falling asleep at 3) to Belle at my bedside telling me she puked. Luckily she puked in the bathroom garbage can and luckily it had a Target bag in it so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. I am no Mother of the Year when my kids are sick. Yesterday she had a volleyball game at 7:00. At 6:15, she said she didn’t feel good and her stomach hurt. I asked if she thought she could play in her game. She started crying saying she didn’t know. I told her she wasn’t going to go and she lost it begging to go and play.The conversation went like this:

Me: “Fine, get in the car then.”

Belle: “No. Now you don’t want to watch me play.”

Me: “If you are sick, no, I don’t want to watch you play.”

Belle: “But I want to play.”

Me: “Fine, get in the car.”

She doesn’t move but proceeds to sob that she didn’t feel good. I called another mom to tell the coach that she wasn’t going to be there because I didn’t have internet, I couldn’t look up the coaches number. Belle completely flipped out that she was fine and wanted to go.

Me: “Belle, do you feel sick?”

Belle: “Yes.”

Me: “Then you can’t go.”

Belle: “I feel fine.”

Me: “Then you shouldn’t have said you feel sick if you didn’t.”

Belle: “But I do. I just want to play.”

She woke up at 4am puking and said, “I guess it was good I didn’t go to volleyball.” I started praying immediately that the other kids don’t start puking.


Snow Storm: I know I was born and raised here in the suburbs of Chicago but I HATE winter and think that snow is only pretty on Christmas and when we are in Wisconsin skiing. I know I have said it here before that I am petrified of driving in it so I feel paralyzed when there is snow on the ground. I am glad the kids are off because I didn’t want to have to take Gia to school or lose money for the day if I didn’t take her but there was school. The thing is I want this to be a “we all stay inside today” kind of day instead of a “we have no school so I need a ride to hang with my friends” kind of day.  I got the call at 5:20am as did all of my emergency contacts (why???).  With the snow storm, there is a chance Leo won’t make it home tonight which means I’m in for the above all over again.

Thursday: Nico gets his braces off in the morning. The hour-long appointment with Gia should be fun. Then Leo is taking the boys (thank God) for their CF appointments. They only go every 3-4 months but it is always stressful. I’d appreciate any prayers you could spare that it is a good one. The boys have to give blood and I always worry about the results of that. Thursday night we have a couple of things that are going to cause us both to be running around.


I hate to be a Negative Nelly but I know when to throw up my arms and say, “You win!” I am about there. Say a prayer or send wine…on second thought, say a prayer and send vodka and chocolate. :)


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  1. when it rains, it pours! It can only get better, though…right?!
    jamie@[kreyv] recently posted..Sneak Peek: McKenna | McKenna BleuMy Profile

  2. OH GOOD GRAVY!!! You poor thing!!! Hate that all of this is happening! I giggled a bit reading the interaction between you and Belle though…CLASSIC convo we have ALL been through! Hang in there sweetie. I too, am terrified of driving in the snow. Hunker down and tell the kids they are IN for the day or they can walk to their friends’ houses!! (easier said than done right?)
    Chris Carter recently posted..Let Them Be Little…My Profile

  3. My dear husband always took care of the puke,he has even taken care of some nasty stuff the pets have done. My dad was always the go-to guy also.
    Thankful for that. I have to chuckle that you don’t like to go in the basement. I don’t have a problem here at home but my parents are in FL for part of the winter and I hate going into their house,especially their basement when they are gone. Seriously,I am 57 years old, why should I be scared!

    • I’m 42 and don’t like them. I mean it seems that scary, furry little rodents lurk in basements and I’m afraid of all rodents, therefore afraid of all basements. :)

  4. Oh, girl! I am sending tons of prayers, vodka, and chocolate – and whatever else you need! I don’t know which one would have put me over the edge – I think it’s a toss up between no internet and the stomach bug. Even if this week DOES win, I hope you have a fast rebound! xo

    • Thanks, my friend. Right after I posted this, I had to plunge an overflowing toilet. I think the week wanted to make sure it was WAAAY ahead.

  5. It’s always stressful when the hubby is away. There are just so many places to be and one parent isn’t enough! I actually sleep really well when my husband is gone, I think am just so exhausted from the day that I can’t do anything but sleep!

    Apparently we are due for more snow Wednesday night through Friday morning! I had no idea until I got to one of my centers and everyone was talking about it! Sooooo ready for spring!

    I am glad that Belle is feeling better. All the sickness has got to go!

    • I really need it to be spring. I have the best neighbors and luckily one of them plowed my drive-way and sidewalks. Leo made it home. Two hours later than expected but still made it. Thank God!

  6. I predict the week, at the end, won’t have a chance against you.

    We dads are great at puke duty. It’s the reason we leave our shoes in the middle of the living room. We don’t want you to know we’re perfect.
    Eli@coachdaddy recently posted..Why Disney is a Four-Letter WordMy Profile

    • So that’s why you guys do that! I had to plunge a toilet and bring forgotten snow gear to school so the week is still winning. Leo is home so that’s something. :)

  7. {Melinda} Oh, AnnMarie! I am so sorry. Praying for you right now, sweet friend. I have had those conversations with my sports-playing kids and it drives you crazy! You are a good mom!!
    Mothering From Scratch recently posted..“march into spring” $110 cash giveaway!My Profile

  8. So much to deal with! Ugh.
    Hope Belle is better. And good thoughts your way for the boys. xo
    Alison recently posted..Things I Learned From (Getting Into And) Staying In The PictureMy Profile

  9. Kathy at kissing the frog says:

    Vodka and chocolate….mmmmm. I really hate when my Hubby is gone, too. I sleep with the lights on and stay up way too late. I hope your week gets better, no one else gets sick, and the appointments go well. I’ll say a little prayer for it all.

  10. Oh AnnMarie, I’m so sorry to hear that the week is such a bust. I am praying for you big time. Screw sending you the chocolate and booze–I’m coming over and having it with you, my friend! So wish I could…hang in there!
    Meredith recently posted..Finding the Funny! And a few other good things about March…My Profile

    • That would be awesome (an overused word, I know but very fitting) if you lived close enough to bring them and could have them with me. God, I wish. I appreciate the prayers. Leo did make it home and is taking the boys to their appointment so the week is looking up. :)

  11. I hope your week improved!
    Charity recently posted..Quiet weekendMy Profile

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