5 Things Making Me Happy Right Now

Happiness. After this week, I cannot wait for it to come to me. I need to go find it. I need to choose to be happy because it is weeks like this past one that do me in. Send me on a downward spiral. I’m not going to let that happen because I am going to focus on what is making me happy right at this moment.

1. Gia is potty-trained! Dear God in Heaven, if there is a silver-lining in that child being sick all week, it is this. I thought about it last night and wondered if I am sad at all at her reaching this milestone. She is still wearing diapers at night and Pull-ups for naps (though these days, the naps are far and few between) but am I sad that she is getting bigger and is no longer a baby? Hmmm….NOPE! Not this one. Just plain relieved and happy to have this one done. I keep thinking about how I am going to spend all the extra money now that we aren’t buying diapers as often and then I remember that I have 3 other money-suckers. :) I will not elaborate on this because before I dug my heels in and did it, I hated reading about other kids that were potty-trained. I felt like there was a 1000lb weight on me to do it with every announcement. I will just say, it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

Did you hear the news? I don't wear diapers anymore!

Did you hear the news? I don’t wear diapers anymore!

2. Watching Belle play volleyball. I know I was complaining that we added yet another sport to our already crazy schedule but I have now been to two games and I don’t care if she ever plays competitively, she glows when she is out there. She smiles as big as when she is on a field cheering or a stage dancing and she looks like she is having a blast. After years of the boys playing travel something with so much of the focus on win, win, win, it is so refreshing to sit in the stands and watch kids having fun.

It's a little blurry since she was supposed to be practicing and not posing for a picture for her mom's blog.

It’s a little blurry since she was supposed to be practicing and not posing for a picture for her mom’s blog.

3. Nico being grounded. While I am not happy about the reasons why, I am thrilled not to have to worry about what he is doing, who he is with, how he’s getting there, and how he’s getting home. I was worried that such a harsh punishment would cause him to stay angry and withdraw but it hasn’t. We’ve had some great conversations and though it isn’t all rainbows and happiness, I pray that he is learning that there are consequences for his actions and that we aren’t going to go back on our word. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, this is the hardest stage of parenting for me and I wish I had known then what I know now. I would have totally enjoyed the stages before (well at least before tweendom).

It's a little dark but he was being a good brother by sitting with Gia while she tried to fall asleep. If he wasn't grounded, no way he would have been there.

It’s a little dark but he was being a good brother by sitting with Gia while she tried to fall asleep. If he wasn’t grounded, no way he would have been there.

4. Tommy is a self-starter. He is my only one. Tommy might seem like he is off in “LaLa Land” but he has got a really good head on his shoulders. He comes home, gets his homework done (without any help), does his treatment and gets himself ready for practice all without being told (well, he might need to be told once but that is nothing compared to how much nagging goes on with the others). What is even better is that he’s figured out that if he pays attention in school and works hard there, he can have an easier time here at home and that taking tests is a breeze. With him being absent several days last week because he was sick, him being a self-starter makes me happy because it relieves a lot of stress in him catching up.


5. I have big plans this weekend. Normally, I am a “do nothing” kinda gal but after being cooped up in this house for so long, I am ready to get out and have some adult conversation. Leo and I are attending Chef’s Gala again this year with my sister, Gina and brother-in-law, Deo. I plan on throwing caution to the wind and eating my way through the night and starting my 17 Day Diet on Sunday. I was planning on wearing the same outfit I did last year but after reading about the shoes, I remember the pain and might have to find something else. On Saturday we are having dinner with friends of ours that I love, love, love that we don’t get to see very often because we have six kids between us at all different ages and doing all different activities. We grew up with them, vacationed with them all the time, spent almost every weekend with them when we were dating, married and had Nico and miss them terribly. Everyone needs  couples in their lives that knew them before the roller coaster of parenting hit and that no matter what life hands you or how busy life gets, if you need them, in a heartbeat, they are there and Adam and Lisa, if you are reading, you are one of ours. We cannot wait to see you guys!

This is going to be my "go-to" picture whenever I am excited about anything and I am excited to spend time with adults this weekend.

This is going to be my “go-to” picture whenever I am excited about anything and I am excited to spend time with adults this weekend.


I love starting my day thinking of what makes me happy instead of the 400 things I need to do and how I don’t want to do 399 of them. I forgot to add one teeny-tiny thing that is making me happy: Tonight is my Barnes and Noble night!!! Yahoo!

On a side note, those of you that comment, I am just wondering, do you have to subscribe to my comments in order to see my response to your comment or does it automatically come to you in your email? Those that might be shy about commenting because they aren’t sure how, you just have to put your name (any name, yours, your blog, a username you use), an email (and it doesn’t even have to be a real one and I am the only one that sees it) and you don’t need a website. In case you are reading and were unsure of how to comment, WP makes it easier to comment, I think. At least I hope I am one of the blogs that is easy to comment on. You guys will have to let me know.


What about you? What is making you happy today?


Feeling glass half-full and pouring my heart out with Shell :



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  1. Loved reading this. It just oozes happiness and made me smile. So happy for you that Gia made it over this big hurdle. Have fun this weekend.
    Susi recently posted..Where Do They Store That Energy? {Wordless Wednesday}My Profile

  2. Kris Schurtz says:

    Annmarie, you always have and still do, make me smile! My 17 year old has been grounded since Dec. 1st until Spring Break. Surprisingly, he has been pleasant and seems ok with the whole thing. It’s easier to have him grounded, no worries about where he is and what he’s doing. I kind of feel like a prison warden, but whatever! Have a wonderful weekend and blog away!! Love, Kris

    • Kris!!!!! I love seeing you here! It made my whole day! You always made me smile, too. I miss seeing you every day and popping into your room for a quick giggle. I agree that life has been easier with him grounded and I also feel like a prison warden but it had to be done. :) I love that you are reading, my friend! Thank you!

  3. I believe I got your last comment back to me right to my email – and I LOVE how pretty the type is when I write a comment here! I love your go to picture. I think I need one too for when I am excited about something!
    Ilene recently posted..This Ain’t My First RodeoMy Profile

    • Oh, good. Glad to hear that it goes automatically. I love this type on here, too. I wish it would transfer. :) I like that the picture could be used for mor than one occasion. :)

  4. YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY…. five YAYS for YOU!!!!!!! LOVE the “go to” picture!!! SO adorable!!! :)
    Chris Carter recently posted..Momtor Monthly Post…My Profile

  5. I just LOVE that you took some stressors (sickness, another sport in the schedule, a grounding, etc) and turned them on their ear to find the happiness within. You’re great mom, AnnMarie. That’s so obvious from this post. It just shines out.

    (I just loved seeing the snapshots of your crew. They are adorable, one and all.)

    Have wonderful grown up time this weekend!!! –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted..HotSean! And BotheredMy Profile

    • Aw…thanks, Lisa! That is such a compliment coming from you! I love that you saw that I did that because I didn’t even realize that is what I did. :)

  6. Yea, Gia!! That’s awesome – congrats! I am going to be facing that soon with Baby E.

    Your response to my comments comes straight to my e-mail. I love that!
    Kathy at kissing the frog recently posted..My Mother and Me. And the T.V. ~ Guest PostMy Profile

  7. A lot to celebrate. Have a great time. You have gorgeous kids…sounds like they’re awesome people, too.
    Maggie S. recently posted..One Good Day Out of Every ThirtyMy Profile

  8. Oh, I was overjoyed when mine were all out of diapers! :)

    It’s the witching hour at my house, so I’m trying to think of something that makes me happy… right now, wine.
    Shell recently posted..Pour Your Heart Out: How We DealMy Profile

    • This made me laugh. I could never have written this post right now. Everyone is fighting, Leo is not home from work yet and there is crying over homework. Wine sounds so good right now.

  9. ohhhh I can’t wait to write the potty success post!!! congrats! :)

    The 5th Level of Motherhood
    Melanie recently posted..Get PAID To Shop with Ebates!!My Profile

    • I seriously put off doing it until we were forced to do it. Thank God she wanted to and it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Good luck to you! Thanks for stopping by1

  10. I absolutely love your focus on the happy!

    {And hooray for potty training, really, really good parenting and BIG plans!!

    Galit Breen recently posted..Born to Fill, on MoonfryeMy Profile

    • After a few “not so happy” posts, it felt good to focus on the happy. Thank you for the “really good parenting”. It feels really good to hear that. :)

  11. Woot Woot! For Gia and for you! That is awesome news. I feel the same way watching my oldest play basketball. It is such a non stressful sport for her and she is just having fun. I love watching it.

    I always get your comments via email! But I can’t reply to your comments on my blog because it comes back as a no-reply. I mean technically I guess I could because I do have your email, but you know what I mean!
    Heather recently posted..An Introvert Once Again. Amen.My Profile

    • This email thing is killing me! I still am not getting your posts in my email. I think I might get it in my reader but I don’t always check that because I can’t keep up. That’s why I switched to email. Why? Why? Why does the blogging world not want me to hear what you have to say???? Don’t they know I have a small addiction?? I love that your last post is showing on here so I can go there now. :)

  12. I THINK I get your replies sent to my email…

    Yay for potty trained Gia! We are still not there yet. Sigh.

    Love happiness posts. Seeing the positives is hard sometimes, but we have to get through the fog. Enjoy your night out!
    Alison recently posted..Conversations With My ChildrenMy Profile

    • Thanks for letting me know. I get yours in my email, too but I realized I comment on a lot of blogs and don’t always see if the blogger responded. We only got there because we were forced to be home many days in a row and that never happens here. :)

  13. Yay for seeing the positives! It’s so hard to get lost in the fog of everything else, and we easily lose focus on the good things.
    Good for you for having a weekend full of adult plans! You deserve it!

    And yes, I get your replies right to my email. :)

    • I have definitely felt like I have been in a fog lately. The thing about having adult plans, as happy as I am for it, I have a feeling I’ll totally pay for it on Sunday either with crabby kids or too much adult fun. :)

  14. Just wanted to say that I get the replies by email! :)
    I am stalkerish like that! 😉
    Love this post…because you are real and you are honest. I really admire that you can see AND acknowledge the strengths AND weaknesses of your children. It is something that really impresses me.
    Hope that this is a FABULOUS weekend!-Ashley
    P.S. I absolutely adore your “go-to” happy, excited face picture…it totally makes me smile!
    thedoseofreality recently posted..HotSean! And BotheredMy Profile

    • I love this comment. And I love that I’ve impressed you. :) I have to be careful that I don’t focus on just the weaknesses in the hopes of raising good kids, you know always pointing out what they need to work on. That’s why this comment means so much to me. Maybe I am doing okay balancing them both. :)

  15. I love that most of your list involve your kids and that it is clear that they make you happy! cheers!
    Debra recently posted..On The Road AgainMy Profile

  16. :) First time visitor, found you from PYHO… I love the positivity flowing from this post! Life is never perfect… and you seem to have your hands full… but you are rejoicing in the small and shiny moments that make it all worth it!

    Glad to “meet” you.
    AJ Collins recently posted..Pour Your Heart Out: My 9 year old is really smart, and also, he has ADHDMy Profile

  17. Awesome list. One thing I love about your writing is that you don’t hide the things that agitate you, but your pride in your kids being just who they are always shines through. Parenting isn’t easy, and it isn’t often nice, but when you see your kids growing and loving and adding to your life, it makes it all worth it.

    Your crew really does rock. And that comes from the top.

    P.S. I get email with your response. I also use the Force to sense when you’ve replied, and visit your site to give you another page hit.
    Eli@coachdaddy recently posted..‘What Had Happened Was …’My Profile

    • This comment makes me feel so good. Thanks, Eli. I’m glad that the good shines through because it is there but like you said, it isn’t always easy or at the forefront. Thanks for saying it comes from the top. :) And I love the pageviews. :)

  18. OMG!! Gia is a doll!!! Congrats on her potty milestone!
    Adrienne recently posted..Featured Blogger-JDaniel4′s MomMy Profile

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