My Baby is 3!

I remember Gia’s birthday last year and how excited I was that she was going to be two.

Picture by Jody Byas


Two is starting to talk in actual sentences and being able to play with cousins and friends for real.

Two of her besties, Grace and Gabriella (Gina’s kids)


Two is being excited about EVERYTHING.


Two is becoming more independent.


Two is moving to a big-girl bed and giving up your binky.

Two is going to school and starting ballet.










Two is holding my face and telling me you “love me up to God and higher” and that I’m “bootiful”.


This year it’s bittersweet. I love the little person that she is turning into even at the young age of three but this year there is a wisdom that I didn’t have last year and that is that time goes too fast (watching my other 3 this year made this abundantly clear). I want her to always stay as sweet as she is today and know nothing of the hurt that this world holds. I want the twinkle in her eye to never dull. I want her to always love me as much as she does right now. She came to us so unexpectedly and healed all of us showing that there is still good in the world. She showed us that there is still laughter and love and hugs and joy…absolute joy. God knew what He was doing when He sent her to us. He knew she was exactly what we needed and on this day that she turns 3, I pray that I can return the favor and be exactly what she needs. And when I get a little misty eyed thinking about how big she is getting, I am going to remember the wise words from a good friend of mine (Kimberly Muro from Reflections of Now): She is only one day older than yesterday and yesterday she was still my baby.

I love you, Gia (like you always say) up to God and higher!

















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  1. Awww …. Love her! Tell her happy birthday from auntie Chelle!

  2. Awwww. So sweet. Happy, happy Birthday, Gia!!! Hope you have a blast!
    Susi recently posted..Let’s fill in some blanks…My Profile

  3. She is such a doll! Happy birthday!
    Shell recently posted..Things They Can’t Say: Farewell StrangerMy Profile

  4. Happy Birthday she is a cutie pie..
    Southern Angel recently posted..Palmolive Fresh a bubble bath in your kitchen sinkMy Profile

  5. You got me tearing up here, AnnMarie!
    Happy birthday to your beautiful, wonderful, exuberant, loving, and amazing daughter!
    She is adorable!! –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted..Friday Feasts: The Lunch Project and Also… Thank Goodness January Is Almost OverMy Profile

    • Oh, Lisa! You hit the nail on the head. I cried last night after she fell asleep thinking it was the last night she would be 2. I cried writing looking through the pictures to choose for this post and then I cried while I wrote it. It makes me feel a little better knowing you get that. :)

  6. {Melinda} What a sweetheart! She is adorable. Love the pic of the two of you together. God knows just what we need, doesn’t He? Before we even realize it. Praying for you, AnnMarie.
    Mothering From Scratch recently posted..we’ve moved mountains as momsMy Profile

  7. This is so sweet! She is a doll!
    Alexa recently posted..When I Was Younger…. FTSF#4My Profile

  8. Kathy at kissing the frog says:

    Happy birthday Gia!! I hope the whole family has a great weekend.

  9. Oh AnnMarie . . . You totally have me crying here.
    She is beautiful. Happy Birthday sweet little Gia <3
    I love Kim's quote about only being 1 day older than the previous day. She always has such a good way of putting things in proper perspective. I hope that Gia had a super day and I wish you and your family a wonderful birthday celebration with her {and many more!}

  10. OH. MY. GOSH!!!!! that is the MOST precious post EVER!!!! Oh that little sweetie is just so damn ADORABLE!!! My favorite one is of you both…so precious. I love how you did this AnnMarie!

    “Two is holding my face and telling me you “love me up to God and higher” and that I’m “bootiful””

    Gasp. Took my breath away…
    Chris Carter recently posted..I Am At The Mommy Mess Today!!My Profile

  11. She is so sweet. This made me teary, too! Remember, she is just a day older than yesterday. She will always be your baby. 😉

  12. So sweet, she is adorable, & I love that saying, she is only one day older than yesterday & yesterday she was still your baby. I will have to remember that :)
    Andrea recently posted..fertility testing & not giving upMy Profile

  13. Happy belated Birthday Gia!! Hope it was all a hit and for the record, she will always be your baby 😉

  14. Happy Birthday Gia! I hope she had a fabulous day!
    Heather recently posted..My 3rd Child is $$$$My Profile

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