Chaos: High School, Volleyball and Sick Kids

You know it is going to be one of those days when it’s only 7am, Gia’s up asking for “more juice and more ice” (though her juice doesn’t have ice in it, she still asks this way) and you already have kids fighting. Can I just yell something right now? I HATE LATE ARRIVAL!!!! And yes, if you are a high schooler and don’t care about the traffic going in, then you probably love late arrival days but OMG, I want to find the person that came up with this idea and make them spend a late arrival morning here with us and then tell me it is still a great idea. Let me just give you the run down: A tween girl is in the shower taking waaaaaay longer than anyone ever needs to take in the shower (she is convinced that she NEVER gets the soap out so she stays in extra long). I swear, I have told her the steps to taking a quick shower: wash hair, rinse hair, put conditioner in, wash body, rinse conditioner and done. I’m pretty sure she stands under the hot water, realizes she has to wash her hair, rinses for about 10 minutes, stands under the hot water some more, realizes she has to condition her hair, rinses for another 5 minutes before I start yelling to get out and then shut the water off because someone else has to get it and then she cries that she didn’t get a chance to wash her body. Then the person (Nico) that got in the other shower, having no idea that there was someone in my shower finds himself under a lot of cold water. He starts screaming, jumps out and starts yelling at everyone. He is talked into having breakfast first and then showering. Meanwhile my sick baby wakes up from all the yelling.

Tommy woke up to the yelling, figured out what was going on and said, “So there is probably no chance that I’ll have hot water for my shower, right?” I replied, “I doubt. Sorry, Honey.” He then made me smile by saying, “That’s okay. I’ll just man up.” I love that kid.

Tonight I have curriculum night and I know a lot of people don’t go but I do so I have already started stressing about finding all of Nico’s classes and not walking in late. Amazing. Twenty-five years later and I am still worrying about the same stuff.

Dear sweet Isabella has started volleyball. She had been begging me for the last three years to sign her up and I had always been a day late and a dollar short. Two of her friends told her about the league that they were doing and she came home begging me to try to get her on the team. So like a good mom or crazy mom…whichever you think fits (I think crazy), I got her on the team. So now she has dance on Mondays from 4:15-5 and volleyball games from 7-8. On Tuesdays she has volleyball practice from 5-6 (Tommy has basketball practice from 6:30-8), Thursdays Belle has dance from 4:00-4:45 (Tommy has basketball from 6:30-8). Nico has practice every day after school until 4:30. CRAZY and my “no” button must be broken because I really wanted to say, “No, you are doing too much right now but instead I said, “Sure, Honey, you can do it.” Did I mention that after one of the dance classes , she told me that she really doesn’t want to give up cheerleading but still wants to do dance? Now I know I sound like an unfair mom (because the boys do so much) but in the interest of saving my sanity, I told Belle she had to choose. Is that fair since the boys have been three sport athletes for a long time? Probably not but the boys don’t have costumes that cost $80 a pop that they will only wear once (unless you count the rehearsal) and the boys don’t have recitals that cost $25 a ticket to see them for maybe 10 minutes total. It’s not fair and I get it and that is why I said yes. Craziness is just adding more crazy to the chaos.

Gia is sick. Pitiful sick. Fever, constant drippy nose and a cough that sounds to big for someone so small. She missed school (which bums me out so much I can’t even tell you) and ballet (which bums her out) and has been extra clingy and crabby which I get but it is still no fun. We have built 47 Lego towers and have had about 20 tea parties, all ending in giant messes. Please send a prayer that she’s the only one that is going to get this.

For those that have been reading for a while, I have big news…we finally did it. We got Gia a twin bed! The days of me in the toddler bed are OVER!!! Gone are the nights of crawling out of the bed with sore knees from being all bent into a pretzel trying to fit. What is even more exciting is that Gia slept all the way through the night. She still needed me to fall asleep and since she is sick, I am giving her a pass. Who are we kidding? Even if she wasn’t sick, I would have still helped her.

Could you have said no to this face?

Sicky, sicky baby

Sicky, sicky baby


What about you? What is causing chaos in your life or are things pretty calm right now?

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  1. Calm? In this house?? What have you been drinking and what are the odds I can convince you to share with me?? Although we only have one in after school events, pep band, we have a grandbaby with a baby mama who likes to call at the last minute needing a baby sitter. I love the baby, I don’t love the mama drama.. but I am doing what I can currently so my son can be a daddy to his son, despite her efforts to make his life hell. So see please share??
    Southern Angel recently posted..When I grow up I want to be…. Monday Listicles..My Profile

  2. Hooray for big girl beds and no more toddler beds! That event is somewhere in the next two years of my life!! :-)

    Busy, busy mama you are!
    Alexa recently posted..I Admit It… I’m IntimidatedMy Profile

  3. That’s great about the toddler bed. We had to move my daughter into one early since she started escaping her crib at a year and a half. I was worried she’d break her neck or something.

    It’s chaotic here a lot since my husband is away on a TDY. My kids tend to think of me as a big joke.
    Amber recently posted..Things That Make Me Go "Huh?"My Profile

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I can’t believe how much better Gia sleeps in the bigger bed. She used to move around a lot and bump into the hard plastic sides and then wake up. I bet that IS chaotic! I’m going to head over and check out your blog. :)

  4. Oh, your poor baby!! No, I could not have said no to that face…not a chance!! Even sick and miserable she is adorable!

    Just hearing your schedule of after school activities and who goes where makes me want to go rock in a corner. And I thought balancing the pick ups and drop offs for TWO kids was impossible!! :)

    Hope Gia feels much better very soon!! (and that nobody else gets sick!!) –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted..True Confession: I Am A Hoarder Of Coffee CreamMy Profile

    • Thanks for the sweet words. That cracks me up because I have found myself rocking in a corner many times. I just read your post so I can totally relate. :)

      Tommy came home from school sick. Back to the doctor we go today. :(

  5. Poor Gia. :( But yay for twin beds and sleeping through the night! Hope she feels better soon.

    My life is super tame, compared to yours. For that, I am grateful. :)
    Alison recently posted..7 Deadly Sins Of BloggingMy Profile

  6. Seriously… I DO NOT KNOW how you DO IT!!! Just amazing…. and SO excited for Gia and the BIG GIRL bed and if (if right?) you possibly need to be sleeping in there, at least you won’t be AS cramped. :)
    Praying you can manage all the craziness of the activities and that no one else gets the sweet little girl’s yucks. :(
    Chris Carter recently posted..Natural Childbirth…My Profile

  7. I hope Gia feels better and you figure out all of those logistics!

  8. Toddler beds are truly the most uncomfortable invention ever!

    Your poor little sick Gia! I hope she is starting to feel better. Sick kids are no fun and physically and emotionally draining!

    We have also added a few things this week (I have no idea why???). Softball started (already!) so the girls are doing clinics on Wednesday evenings and my husband finally convinced my youngest to sign up for a hockey team! UGH! So now we are back to chaos every night!

    I have a hard time saying no too (obviously) just because they enjoy everything they do so much. They love the social and the physical aspect of all their activities.

    I will have to look at the email feature – I am so technology illiterate that it is not even funny. So jealous of all those blogger who have the technical savvy – all I do is write!
    Heather recently posted..My Very First VlogMy Profile

    • I saw that your little one is playing hockey and OMG, she is the cutest thing ever in that uniform! I bet she kicks butt!

      I am also tech challenged and am so mad that I keep missing your posts. I missed the latest one, too! I’m just going to check in myself to see if there is anything new. :)

  9. How could you say no to that face?? I know the boys could use a twin bed instead of the toddler ones they’re sleeping in, but I don’t think I could fit them in their room. Bad, I know.

    • Gia’s twin bed looks awful in her room. It’s way too big for the space but the good news is that I can straighten my legs and no longer walk with a limp. :)

  10. {Melinda} Oh, Ann Marie, I have had those kind of days! This week, I had an awful morning with the kids. I won’t go into all the details, but sometimes it feels like I have lived an entire day before 8 o’clock in the morning. I want to just get into my jammies and go to bed. Except it would only be a brief reprieve before all the madness starts again. Someday we’ll miss this, right? <3
    Mothering From Scratch recently disappointment keeps us humble, happyMy Profile

  11. At least I know I’m not the only crazy mom out there over extending herself, I mean it in a good way! Hooray for moving Gia into a twin bed!

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