Some Random Thoughts and a TV Recap

Just a little update on the “Was I Wrong?” post. After I had the second day of conferences, I felt that I wasn’t wrong. One of the teachers was full of love and compliments and then I told her having no idea that she was the one that hadn’t allowed him to go to the bathroom. She admitted to that and then immediately said, “Well, he talks too much in this class.” Big sigh. I wanted to say, “He’s getting an A in here so it’s not really a battle I feel like fighting” but I didn’t. I instead said, “Ok, I’ll talk to him about that.” Maybe he is getting a good grade but maybe he is the reason another kid isn’t. It just stinks that it came out how it did. In his last class, I felt like I was right to tell because she said he normally has a lot of energy and participates but sometimes he seems exhausted or quiet. Once I told her, she said that made perfect sense now. You all were right.

I have been inspired by Kimberly Muro of Reflections of Now and Galit Breen of These Little Waves. They have inspired me to get off my butt and exercise. Kim is a huge source of support for me in everything from blogging to parenting to keeping me sane and now in getting back in shape. If she, with her four boys, one who is an infant, can make time to exercise, then I have absolutely no excuse. Galit has inspired me with the 17 minute plan. Watching and reading how far she has come when she started with just 17 minutes a day, encourages me that I can do it, too. So I have. I have promised myself that I will exercise for 17 minutes every single day. You know what has happened? Knowing that I only have to do 17 minutes has made it easier to do more. Knowing I have her rooting for me helps me stay motivated, too. Thanks, Ladies. I’m looking forward to recognizing myself again!

When people don’t put things on the calendar and then all of sudden say, “Oh, this week, I have this, this and this” which all require them to not be home, it fires me up.

When I can’t go to the bathroom in peace because one of my kids needs my attention RIGHT NOW and it is the 14-year-old needing to know why there isn’t any waffles left, and then he proceeds to stomp around yelling waking up the 2-year-old, it puts me in a horrible mood. In related news, I HATE late start days.

I finally got the hang of early Saturday morning football games (the twins or one of my friend’s daughters would watch Gia),  and they have a Thursday night game throwing a huge wrench in the whole plan. Why can’t things ever stay easy?

I loathe switching the clothes from summer to fall and winter. I am overwhelmed by it and it is causing my house to look like a bomb went off in it. An Abercrombie, Aeropostale, Old Navy, Target, Carter’s bomb.

I am so behind on reading and commenting on blogs. I miss it so much. The connecting part is my favorite part of blogging and I just can’t get it done lately. Know that I miss all of you and that I am working on better time management.

Small TV Recap:

The Voice- I love this show for many reasons. One is that we watch it as a family. Two is that there are some singers that I like a lot (the Scottish rocker and the music teacher…I am terrible with names because I am usually multitasking while watching) and three is BLAKE SHELTON. He is so genuine in coaching his team and really, just hilarious (“and you look like Jesus and people like that”). It doesn’t hurt that he is incredibly good-looking. I will continue to watch this show as long as he is on it. I can’t tell who is who on Christina’s team. They all look like young girls. I like that they can steal and wish they would stop showing previews of people getting stolen before the battle has even happened. I like to be surprised.

Real Housewives of New Jersey- I wasn’t going to watch this season but I got pulled back in. The season is over so rather than comment on specific episodes, I will just comment on the whole season. I used to be a Teresa fan. I really liked her on The Apprentice but after this season and especially after the reunion shows, I don’t anymore. Between her talking heads and her not taking responsibility for anything, I can’t do it. That whole scene in the vineyard was disturbing. I have a hard time believing that Joe is faithful to her and someone should clue him in that he agreed to film his life so he should censor himself a little. I mean is he acting “big” in front of the camera? Wanting to come off as some tough guy? Because all he is coming off as is a big jerk. I do think that Melissa and Joe and Kathy and Richie wanted a piece of Teresa’s fame so that is why they jumped aboard. I liked them a little better this season but it is all relative. Teresa acted in a way that made Melissa and Kathy seem like the normal ones. As far as the Manzo Family, I liked that Caroline said she didn’t like the person she saw this season. It was real emotions and friend crap that turns us into anxiety-ridden messes and I think we have all been in a situation when a friendship is ending. It’s uncomfortable and sad and leaves us feeling raw all the time. I think that is the Jaq we saw this season. She was hard to watch at the reunion. I think she was so hurt and damaged by her friendship with Teresa that she came off as a little manic. It’s odd that the reunion was filmed a year after the events we saw. Dredging up all that hurt couldn’t have been easy. All in all, a hot mess. Bravo should scrap them all and bring on new people. Watching a family fall apart was sad.

Parenthood– First, for all the skeptics, I have been at a baseball game where the kid at bat was one that was so afraid of the ball, he jumped away from every pitch. That same kid somehow made contact and was our only home run of the season. It was an “in the park” home run due to field errors but still that kid had that moment so it can happen. Was it over the top sweet that Victor was that kid? Yes. Did I still love every minute of it? Yes! I didn’t care that Zeek made a scene. That’s kind of what he does. He does things that we would like to do but make us cringe at the same time. I was thinking we were supposed to watch that scene from Victor’s point of view. Here are all these crazy people that are now his family, doing what this family does best…supporting each other. Julia…ugh…that storyline is why I am afraid to go back to work. What a completely real portrayal of things going down the tubes faster than you can control. I think her being a stay at home parent is going to make for some real and funny scenes. Sarah and Hank! I can’t help it. I am a fan. It was cute when he said “It didn’t mean anything” and then followed it with, “It meant something.” The scene when Adam and Kristina told Haddie was tough but the one where Adam was on the phone with her was even tougher. Again, I was reduced to ugly crying when they told the family. I loved how they did it. With no sound. There are some great actors there. Speaking of which, we have had Lyla, Vince, Vince’s mom, Billy, Buddy Jr and now Luke from FNL. How about a little Riggins?

Sons of Anarchy is on my Christmas list this year. I keep catching blips of it and know that it is a show I’d love. Stupid poker keeps trumping it on my DVR. Have I mentioned that this week is Leo’s poker week and he has been gone all week for work? Oh, and that I hate poker?

I have needed a laugh this week so what has been on my TV a lot is reruns of The New Adventures of the Old Christine, Friends and King of Queens.


What about you? What are your random thoughts today? What are you watching on TV?


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  1. First of all, go you! You’re making that effort and that’s all that counts! You can rock this, I know it!

    And Parenthood? So good. Watching Adam and Haddie on the phone killed me. And that ending scene where the family found out? Ugly cry. I was kind of surprised that Julia left her job, only because in the past seasons she has been so career driven. But, I do like this change. I think it will add to the story line.
    Kimberly recently posted..A New MeMy Profile

    • I love that we are both watching! I swear it was the instagram picture you sent after working out that kick started me. You looked so at peace and gorgeous, by the way that I want that. :)

  2. Go you for getting your exercise groove on! Having motivation and encouragement from friends really helps. Good luck and you can do it!
    Alison recently posted..Are You Judging Me?My Profile

  3. I absolutely adore Parenthood. It is honestly probably one of my favorite shows of all time. I totally agree with you about The Voice as well! :) -Ashley

  4. Oh you, thank you so much for those kind words and for mentioning me!

    I can’t tell you how much it helps knowing someone else is working at it with me!

    So you and me (and Kim!)? Are in it together, for sure!

    I’m so very proud of, and excited for, you! Way to go, woman!!
    Galit Breen recently posted..Memories Captured October Linky!My Profile

  5. SO happy for you about exercising!!! Doesn’t it feel just SOOOOO good to do that for yourself? YAY! And this is why I was glad you told the teachers…because they have a better understanding of your son, so they can better educate him and understand him and all he goes through. SO glad you found some peace with it all! :) Miss seeing your words on my blog comments! But totally understand your craziness! Know we all love you too! :)
    Chris Carter recently posted..Extraordinary Mom…My Profile

  6. Way to go on making time for yourself for 17 minutes a day!
    I hear ya on getting upset about other children waking up the youngest . . . if they only knew how much time was invested in getting that child to sleep! I tell myself that someday they will get theirs when they are dealing with a child who won’t sleep.
    Again, I also understand where you’re coming from about not being able to keep up with blogging and commenting and reading blogs. Since school has started I have also had to take a step back. This year is so overwhelming, to say the least.

    • I know you get it. I have missed you and can only imagine how hard it is to juggle the family and your classroom. For nine months out of the year it is like you have a giant extended family. Good for you for making it work! Those kids (and yours too) are lucky to have you (and is it okay that I am a little jealous because I miss teaching so much?).

      • AWW You’re so sweet for missing me! I do honestly feel as if I have an extended family. I love those kids so much, seriously! Like anything there are ups an downs, but I try to hang on to the ups. This year has just been so draining! We have this new evaluation system {I think it’s everywhere not just here} and basically it can make or break you. Along with that there is so much more paper work and meetings and then meetings about documenting and how to fill out the paper work and then a meeting to just have a meeting. I really want to scream “JUST LET ME TEACH!” Oh and after all this junk from school I get a note from a parent telling me that she’s sorry she didn’t sign a paper I sent home 3 times because {are you ready for this} she was TIRED! Tired?! Really?! Don’t talk to me about being tired lady!
        Ok sorry, I’ll get off of my soap box now. I know you get where I’m coming from because you’ve been there. I do honestly love what I do, sometimes I wish I could stay home with my kids. I feel badly because I think they miss out on the best part of their Mommy because I just can’t keep up with it all. If it makes you feel any better I’m jealous of you being able to stay home with your kids. Hey, maybe we could swap for a week or two :) LOL!

  7. Don’t know about you, but my bathroom’s soundproof.

    It really isn’t. I just plug my ears when I go.

    Random thought for the day: One Direction, Bruno Mars and Katie Perry can get on my nerves quickly, but when I hear Boston, Queen and Aha on my teenager’s Pandora, it makes me think everything’s good in the world.

    I’m watching Castle and Market Warriors. (I love Miller). Nothing else, except the Weather Channel.
    Eli@coachdaddy recently posted..Guest post: 5 Things That Make a Great DadMy Profile

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