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Today was a “fun” day for 5th graders. I know they look forward to getting to 5th grade and getting to dress up for their Nomad Unit. I knew this was coming so believe it or not, I was ready for it. When we purged the house, we got rid of Nico’s so I had to find or come up with two costumes. Thank God for my friend, Kathy and my friend’s neighbor, Jean for giving me their kids’ costumes from last year and my sister, Chrissy for lending us slippers that fit the day. It made the morning go a smidge smoother than normal. There was, however, Belle’s hair that had to be done. The funny thing is that she was arguing with me about the wrong thing. If there is one thing I am good at, it’s big hair. That kid was born in the wrong era. She has got GREAT 80’s hair band hair.










They look like nomads, right?  I’d say it was a success. :)

And just as I was sitting in the bask of a successful dress-up day, hunkering down with pajamas still on and a toddler that was wanting to cuddle in the bed and watch Bubble Guppies and a hair do that would NEVER, EVER be shown in public-roots needing a touch-up and a goomba (family word for bun) the size of a cantaloupe…

I got the call…

The caller id said it was the school…

I immediately thought, “Crap…someone is sick.” Oh, no…no one was sick…

I heard on the other line, “Hi, Mrs. Gubenko. It’s Belle’s speech teacher.” I thought, “That’s weird. Why would she be calling me?” And then it hit me. Like a ton of ditzy, Mommy-fail bricks…

“OHMYGOD!!!! I’M SUPPOSED TO BE THERE FOR HER IEP MEETING!!!!” There was gentle laughter at my reaction and the speech teacher, as sweet as she is said the classroom teacher was there and they could do it conference call style.

I immediately blamed Nomad day, of course. I mean, if I didn’t have to tease Belle’s hair to kingdom come, I would have remembered, right? If I didn’t have to make sure the kids weren’t wearing their slippers like shoes out on the wet grass, I would totally have remembered. It was on the calendar. The calendar that was covered with Gia’s leaf person. Let’s face it, I would have still forgotten because I forget she is still in speech for her “r” sound. And I am really good at the denial thing so maybe subconsciously, I shoved it waaay back in my brain. The call went fine. That is until…

Gia. Sweet Gia who needed right at that very moment, apples with peanut butter. Gia who was going to have a huge meltdown if she didn’t get “more juice with more ice.” Gia who could not for the little life of her understand why I couldn’t build a Lego tower right that minute. Yes, friends, that’s right. I did the whole conference call while building a Lego tower. Thank God they sent the record of the call because I can’t for the life of me remember what I said.

Nothing says organized, with-it mom like a skipped school meeting.

Huge. Mommy. Fail.

Make me feel better and share a time when you had a Mommy Fail. I can’t be the only one.


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  1. But not all was lost right? You still had a ‘meeting’ AND you built a Lego tower. That’s a win in my books.
    Alison recently posted..Tasty Thursday: Vegan Coconut CupcakesMy Profile

  2. There is nothing worse than the sinking feeling of realizing you are currently not at all where you are supposed to be. Terrible!

    This day was no mom fail, though! You were able to send not one but TWO children out the door successfully dressed as perfect nomads. You even teased a head of hair to glorious perfection, and still got the IEP meeting checked off the list. (and did so while entertaining via Lego). Sound like I total Super Mom day to me!! –Lisa

  3. Life happens! It all worked out in the end and that’s all that matters. I swear with each of my children I have lost more of my memory. If I don’t keep it all on a calendar I would totally forget.

    • I know! And I have a calendar that is buried under all of Gia’s art projects. That has to change. I am a little frightened at what I might forget by the time Gia is in school.

  4. I would say to you…MOMMY SUCCESS!!! Now lets just think through this little debacle for a miinute…
    Mother of four. Two out of four need serious SERIOUS costume and make up and hair styles all BEFORE school on a monday morning. Little one is needy and ready for momma love. Older one is, well a teen which basically goes without any further explanation. You get the two off to a FANTASTIC prize award winning preparation and Nomad VICTORY. (with all the grumbles and whining and scurry of a monday morning to boot) You then, in the wake of a COMPLETELY justified slip, pull it together to do the super-mom MULTI TASKING feat of a lifetime! Succumb to the needs of Gia all the while juggling a conference call for Belle. I would say, fail NOT dear friend! TRIUMPH yes!!!! Keep ROCKIN it!!! :) (Btw- who hasn’t dropped a ball on a daily basis with their kids? Every. Single. Day. I. Have.)
    Chris Carter recently posted..Better Dreams…My Profile

  5. Last year I had a parent teacher conference scheduled for TweenStar for the afternoon. I went to work in the morning and then left work way too late (of course) and ended up having to call the school to tell them I wouldn’t be there at the scheduled time. Of course since they have the meetings back to back I couldn’t even squeeze in on that day so they had to reschedule for the next night. So all that was horrible enough, but when they asked me my daughter’s name, grade, and homeroom teacher to reschedule the appointment I totally gave the wrong grade and couldn’t remember her homeroom teacher’s name. I totally tried to laugh it off, but I knew the secretary was thinking this mom is a mess!

    You at least handled your goof-up well!

  6. I forgot there was an early dismissal one day until the principal called to ask when I was picking my kid up. Oops.

  7. That is the best dress-up day ever! Seriously, they look awesome! :)
    If I had a dollar for every time I have tried to have a conversation while building a Lego tower and making the silent, but deadly mom, you better be quiet because I am on the phone face, I would totally be able to retire! 😉

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