Random Thoughts and a TV Update

It’s Friday and I can’t really tie any of my thoughts together into one topic so here we go:

I really, really dislike high school dances. Nico’s a freshman and the extravagance of the whole thing is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. Before parties, dinners, after parties…it isn’t even about the dance anymore.

I shared the book I’m writing with a friend. Not physically but told her what it was about. Why is it so hard for me to just put it out there? Why is it even harder to stop editing?

Feeling blamed creates anxiety. I don’t need anymore of it.

I have started working out. Nothing major…Walk Fit stuff but I already get really mad if I can’t do it. With the whole antisocial thing, I’ve been feeling a little trapped and this has been a great outlet.

I sat down with a poster board and marker and started writing “Family Rules” on it because I am so tired of the way things are going over here and Tommy saw and said, “C’mon! We have rules everywhere else we go. Why do we have to have rules at home?” Nice, huh? Does that give you a picture of how Tommy has been acting lately?

I read the book Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. If you read it too and want to discuss, shoot me an email. THAT was a mind trip.

TV Talk:

I’ve been watching The Voice and again, I’d love less back story and more singing but maybe I’m just a little jaded that way. I mean what if you have a great voice but have no back story? I can see the appeal of Adam this season where in the past I couldn’t but Blake, Blake, Blake…still just love him. He really is so flipping funny and still hot and I want to go on record saying I own all of his CD’s and bought them BEFORE he was ever on The Voice. “Austin” is still one of my favorite songs and so is “Goodbye Time”. Two singers that stand out to me are the Scottish guy who sang “Teenage Wasteland” (maybe because it is one of my favorite songs) and the preschool teacher that sounded like Stevie Nicks.

Parenthood: “I need you to let me be scared.” Just a gut-wrenching episode. It’s definitely got me wondering what is going to happen with Hank and Sarah. Max and the friend and the vending machine…it was exhausting to watch.

The Last Resort: I didn’t watch this. I forgot that it was this week that it was starting but can I just say it is added to my DVR and it makes me giddy that Scott Speedman is back on my TV.

Project Runway: Love the baby challenge and I have no favorite right now and no one that I don’t like. That’s odd. Usually by now there is someone who stands out. Love this show.

Homecoming weekend is here. Say a prayer that Sunday comes quickly. :)

What about you? What are your plans this weekend or please share one of your random thoughts?


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  1. Ah, Parenthood. That shows gets me every single time. I think Sarah is going to ditch the young guy and end up with Hank. What do you think? And the whole Kristina story line kills me.
    Kimberly recently posted..Essence Of NowMy Profile

  2. I liked “Girl Gone”. The ending surprised me, which is always good I guess, but I didn’t like how it ended.

    I am liking The Voice, but the past 3 episodes have been a bit dull after the first few that were spectacular. I totally agree with you about the sad stories. It seems like they each have to have one (or stretch for one) If it’s a necessary part of learning who they are, okay..but don’t try to create one for everybody. I really just want to hear the singing. (and watch the judges interact, of course).

    I did something this season of Project Runway that I’ve never done before…I quit. I’ve watched EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of EVERY SINGLE SEASON until now. I just got really, really bored which makes me sad. I even made it through the dreadful Anya season in full force. :(

    Hope you have a good weekend! –Lisa

    • I didn’t like how it ended either. Glad I am not the only one that feels that way about the sob stories. I can see why you quit watching P.R. I have come close. I haven’t really liked it since the Irina season. They just announced the next P.R. allstars season so even if I stopped watching now, I’d be pulled right back in.

  3. Am jumping in here (right after Lisa, no less!) to say that I have not seen Parenthood yet, but am going to watch it tonight. :) I know I will cry.
    I have not seen Tuesday’s episode of The Voice yet, but I totally agree with you about the sob stories. Especially when some of them seem like a stretch.
    Read Gone Girl over the summer and could not put it down, but thought the ending was too rushed or something. I bought another book of hers to read because I do like her writing style.
    I am so impressed you are working on a book! :) Let me know if you ever need an advance reader!!
    Am currently reading a new novel called “Those We Love the Most”, and I really like it. It is sad, but also very real.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend…and by lovely, I mean, I hope you survive it! ;)-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted..Want Your Child’s Artwork To Become Part Of Disney History?My Profile

    • You are so funny. I hope I survive it, too. Yes, I felt like it was rushed, too. That’s a good way to put it. Can’t wait to talk to you about Parenthood after you watch it. I’m going to check out that book.

  4. I keep seeing ‘Gone Girl’ everywhere – that’s a sign I need to read it right?

    This weekend, I just want to sleep. The baby is teething and is going through hell (hence, so am I). Sigh.

    Hope you have a restful (somewhat ironic in your world, right?) weekend!
    Alison recently posted..In 5 Minutes….My Profile

    • Ugghhh…teething is the worst! I often said I’d rather change a bunch of dirty diapers than deal with teething. Yes, you should read Gone Girl. It was definitely a good read.

  5. Hope you “survived” your weekend AnnMarie!!! I barely did! lol What are you writing your book about??? How COOL! I did an Ebook (oh so much cheaper) using many of my favorite blog posts with serious hours HOURS of editing!! I totally get that. I buried myself down in the basement on my hubby’s computer to see the file better and COULD. NOT. STOP. There is always something that needs “adjusting”…such ocd author behavior!! Did I miss parenthood again? What night is it on? I went to look for it and didn’t find it last week… :( I’m guessing it was on Friday. Pray they do some reruns!
    Chris Carter recently posted..Grab The Flag!!My Profile

    • It’s on channel 5 and it is on Tuesdays and you can get it online if you miss it. Yes! Something always needs adjusting when writing! So true. I have written 2 childrens books and am in the process of writing two that I can’t decide if I should make them young adult or romance novels. I am having a hard time fitting them into any genre.

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