Life is Getting in the Way

If you asked me how I spent the last week, I’d have to look at this blog to tell me. I know I was carpool mom a few times. I know I have a list about a mile long of things I need to do (okay, fine that is an exaggeration but it feels that way) and I don’t think anything is getting done. I have things I want to do badly that life keeps getting in the way of me doing.

Yesterday, I had to take Gia to Urgent Care. She wouldn’t put any weight on her one leg. It started two nights ago. She just all of a sudden started crying that she had a “boo boo” and wouldn’t walk on it. She didn’t fall…well, she falls all the time but there wasn’t one where she cried. By the time she went to bed, she was walking on it a little bit and dancing some so I thought she was fine. After a rough night without the binky (God, how I hate the binky), she woke up and was crying again. I got Nico off to football and off we went to Urgent Care where they found NOTHING.  I wanted to make sure nothing was broken and nothing was so that was good but frustrating that I still didn’t have answers to why she wouldn’t put weight on it. She did, however, jump up and down and run around (but cried when she was asked to squat) and tell the doctor that her toys had a “coolie” and some “boobs that are pequeno”. Can you tell that we are working on body parts that are private and that she watches too much Dora? Blog writing and reading…down the drain.

Last night, the plan was to clean the house and then pour myself a glass of wine and read the blogs I have been missing. A teen that is grounded and a toddler that is in withdrawal like she was on crack and that plan went down the drain. You ask where Leo was? At football practice with Tommy. If you wonder for the next two months where Leo is, that is where he’ll be. Or he’ll be at games or watching game tape or at Jake’s or Arrowhead talking to the coaches about the games and the game tape.

I have not exercised since I hurt my knee and I am pretty sure that was at the beginning of the summer. You wouldn’t think that eating carrots and cherries would cause someone to gain weight but somehow I found a way for that to happen. Oh, wait…maybe it is my new habit of eating all the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms boxes (it’s not right, I know but since it is Nico’s favorite cereal, it gives me a perverse sort of satisfaction hearing him ask, “Where are all the marshmallows?”).

Tomorrow I am having my family over for my parents’ anniversary and I am cooking. I need to shop, cook and clean the house for it. Showering has been something I vaguely remember doing since Gia has decided to crawl back into the womb.

I am trying to embrace the moments of life. Trying to capture the little moments that together make the memories we will cherish someday. This week was not that time. Maybe next week. If you haven’t seen me around either in real life or in the blogger community, now you know why. Life got in the way this week.

How was your week? How has life been treating you? Were you productive this week or like me, will it have to wait until next week?

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  1. Even in the midst of chaos, you make me giggle. Eating all the marshmallows, hee!

  2. Well clearly eating the marshmallows out of the cereal will teach that boy a lesson. 😉
    Kimberly recently posted..I Wish Things Were Different…My Profile

    • Since he has aggravated the crap out of me all week, any little chance I have to stick it to him, I’ll take. I wish you could see how mad he gets when he pours a bowl and there are no marshmallows. It’s a sweet little victory for me. That being said, it does sound ridiculous.

  3. I am exhausted just reading about your week! Getting rid of the binky is hellish but better now than later. It’s possible I speak from experience.
    Robbie recently posted..Magic NumbersMy Profile

  4. Life always gets in the way of my plans! I feel for you as I read this post–sometimes it’s just so darn hard, I know. Great perspective though–maybe this week wasn’t your week, maybe next week will be. I try to keep trying to soothe my frustration by knowing that when the kids are older I will have loads more time to tackle my plans, but…sometimes you just have to eat the marshmallows and give up? 😉
    Meredith recently posted..KeepsakesMy Profile

    • I try to do that too. Think that soon enough, I’ll be sad that I can do all I want to do without interruption because the kids are all grown up and that these moments of being needed so much will be gone. That old saying is so true. We make plans and God laughs (I think so do my kids). Yep…eating the marshmallows helped. :)

  5. I hope Gia will feel better soon and wishing you a much better week ahead. My Little One loves to eat the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms… and won’t eat the rest!!! :)
    Susi recently posted..Picture Perfect Sundays #16My Profile

  6. I want to give you a big hug! I hope her leg is feeling better. The whole “coolie” and “pequeno boobs” is hilarious! I’m not sure how I would handle a toddler and teen…You rock!
    adrienne recently posted..#BTSBash Blog Event and Mega #Giveaway!My Profile

  7. I sometimes cannot recall my week because it seems to blend together like one endless activity. Good for you on msking the effort to eat all the marshmellows, it’s should be included in the “I can because I’m mom” manual, lol

  8. Eating the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms is just plain wrong. Lucky Charms are like life: There are some sweet parts, and some parts that just crunch and have no flavor. If you take out the sweet parts, and end up with a bowl full of parts that just crunch and have no flavor, it’s like a day at work with only the grumpy people you work with, or having to eat all green beans and no mashed potatoes and gravy, or watching TV, and not any episodes of “Psych,” but a marathon of “I-Carly.”

    Eli@coachdaddyblog recently posted..What it means to play like a girlMy Profile

    • Totally agree, but did you read why I was doing it? To torture Nico. Mission accomplished. :) I can do a marathon of Good Luck Charlie but I-Carly? No way.

      • See, all I saw was the delicate balance of a box of Lucky Charms forever altered. It felt like the outrage back in the day when we first started cloning sheep. Some things – for the torture of Nico or not – just seem sacred.

        Good Luck Charlie and I-Carly both appear on a future “Five kids’ shows I really, really don’t like,” post. I know everyone’s nuts about the Duncans, but they live in Denver, and they never even wear Broncos or Rockies stuff.

        What’s up with that?
        Eli@coachdaddyblog recently posted..What it means to play like a girlMy Profile

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