Summer Break: One Week Down

I didn’t think my life could get any more crazy or chaotic. I was wrong. So very wrong. This week was insane with activities. Here is the gist of it:

Monday: Nico had basketball camp in the afternoon. Belle had dance camp in the afternoon. I was carpool mom for basketball.

Tuesday: Nico had basketball. Belle had her dance rehearsal all afternoon. Thank you so much, Viv for taking her for me! Tommy had 3 friends over (more on that in a minute). Nico was out and about after camp. Tommy had a baseball game. Nico had basketball again.

Wednesday: Nico had football camp in the morning and basketball in the afternoon. Belle had her dance recital which as I was in the midst of getting her ready and driving and finding parking (well, arguing with Leo who couldn’t seem to find the bank parking lot to park in and then griped about paying $4 for the garage), I thought and might have said, “This is the last time she is doing this.” Then…I saw her on stage and she just glowed. She loves it so much. How can I deny her? I see a lot more chaos in my future. Especially since Gia kept saying, “Me do!” Well, she said that for the first five dances and then she started yelling, “I want to get out! Get out!” Good times since there were 50 or more dances and Belle was #38.

Thursday: Nico had football and basketball camp. Belle had dance camp that I was the carpool mom for. The carpool is taking turns having the girls over so they came back here (more on that in a bit) for two hours. Tommy had baseball practice. Nico had a baseball game that the girls and me went to and then Nico had more basketball.

Today (Friday): Belle has camp and then a recital tonight. I wasn’t really planning on that but again, she loves it so Gia and I will be there cheering for her. Tommy was asked to play in a tournament for a team that was short guys so he has that and Leo will be there with him.

Next week will bring no camps for Belle but basketball camp for Tommy. Nico’s schedule will remain crazy and all I can think of is how much more crazy can we take? Are you wondering why I didn’t say no to any of them? Well, Nico going into freshmen year has to go to some of these camps if he wants to play in high school. Nico went to all the ones Tommy is going to when Nico was his age so it is only “fair” and Belle cries that no one cares about any of her stuff so she never gets to go to any camps. That’s why I didn’t say no.

I said I’d talk about when the twins had friends over and I just have to know, are my kids the only ones that are socially…hmmm…awkward? I mean they act in a way that is not at all like themselves. They talk in this way that is annoying. They ask to do things I’d never allow them to do. They are hyper. On several occasions, I’ve had to take them aside and tell them to knock it off. Their friends are angels while here which only gives me hope that at their houses maybe my kids are angels and not the little monsters they morph into every time they have friends over.

While complaining with a friend about all of the stuff that goes with kids’ sports, we said we wished there was a town called NoSportsAllowed Town where the only focus was on relaxing and any mention of balls would get you shot in the ass. The sports balls, not the other kind of balls…just to be clear so you wouldn’t get shot in the ass if you visited.

There would be absolutely no bleachers, no referees, no keeping score, no weigh ins, no tryouts, no flag running, no back to back camps or talk of A teams or B teams. There will be no strikeouts or dropped balls (because there will be no balls), nothing that measures any one kid against another and there will be no yelling to “hustle”, “shoot”, “tackle” or “run”. Kids will be able to be kids and you will do more with friends other than wave to each other on your way to another God-forsaken camp or game.

If you are wondering, this town is right next to the town called NoOneCaresIfYou’reFatTown.

At this point, it’s a toss-up on which one I’d want to live in.

So who’s moving with me? How is everyone else surviving this summer?

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  1. OMG! You are totally living my life…just through in swimming, soccer and baseball (basketball for us in only in the winter). There are times when I wish sports weren’t so intense, but I see how much they enjoy it and it’s hard to say no. Hang in there!

  2. Holy cow! I think I may have just read about my future . . . thanks for the preparation!

    Although, I’m not so sure about G and sports. He wanted to play soccer in the fall (he was 3). In the middle of the soccer games he started his own game of tag because soccer was boring and tag was fun (according to him).

    As for the kids being awkward and weird around others . . . my 6 year old is like that all of the time. I’m so embarrassed for him. He’s so weird. I’m a terrible mom for writing that, but it’s true!

    • This comment made me laugh! Thanks for writing it. :) I love that he played tag because it was more fun. We have a beautiful picture of Belle playing soccer. The joke is that there was a whole game going on behind her that she was completely unaware was happening. You aren’t a terrible mom for writing it. You are an honest one and I love it!

  3. Have you read my over-committed post yet? I can’t remember…probably because I am one second from being committed! 😉 We haven’t started camps yet here, but they start in another week or so. Dance recitals are INSANE. Seriously, nuts.
    I do not know how you juggle it all, but I am in awe of you and wish I lived closer (in LazyTown…ha, ha, ha, couldn’t resist that one!) and could bring you a large vat of wine!

    • Thanks for checking on this and I did read your Over-committed leading to being Committed post! I would LOVE to live in LazyTown and I’d take the vat of wine. Just think of the damage we’d do if we lived close. :) Either that or we’d keep each other sane!

  4. Been there done that! I’ve decided after several years of chaotic summers I won’t do it anymore. During the school year everyone get’s into sports, clubs etc but in the summer, nope! I need to breath too.

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